Hi and welcome to my first blog ever! If you’re reading this, then I am kind of flattered. You know.. well.. this is my very first blog so I can’t help but feel flattered if someone actually reads my post.

To be honest, I should of done this a while ago. I mean, I am a natural (well in my eyes at least) writer. Before deciding to go online.. blogging that is, I have always blogged offline. Hahahha, most of you might be asking – blogging offline? What the hell are you talking about? right? What I mean is that I write in my personal diary as much as I can. In saying this, I must admit that nowadays – I don’t tend to write as regularly… but when I do write, I write with a passion.

So who am I? you may ask? Well.. my name is Kate. I was born in Melbourne but pretty much raised up in Perth by my lovely parents Tom and Karen. If you noticed, I am not actually giving out my last name! If you’re upset about this secret, then tough! Like a madman wearing a mask to hide their true identity.. I am similar, well I’m not a madman per say.. but I do like to keep my private.. well private.

How do I manage to keep my private life a secret.. you know who my uncle is, who I am going out with etc etc?

Pretty easy.. shhh! Enough about me, what is this blog about? Read it on this page.