04 Mar

Praise to a Skip Bins Company in Perth

I’m dedicating this post to a friend of mine in Perth named Mark who owns a skip bin hiring company in Perth. Why you ask? Quite simply because he is a good man who deserve a shout out so in the case that if my readers are in Perth and in need of a skip bin, then please contact him! To cut a long story short, Mark is one of my best friends who will go the extra mile to help a mate out. So by mentioning his name and his business, it is the very least that I can do to repay for everything he has helped me with over the years. I can go on and on about the things he has helped me with, but then this post would be a very long one! Instead, I wanted to write as much as I can about his business.

Anyways, if you are searching for the term skip bins perth then most likely than not you will find his business showing up in the search results. In my opinion for a very good reason, and that reason is he is very well known within the Perth community. In particular in suburbs south of the river. In fact, Mark started the skip bins business a while back under a different name. So if you live in Perth and have used a skip bin hire provider, most likely than not you have used one of his bins! As they say, Perth is a very “small place” where everybody knows everybody.

Here is one of his bins:


As you can see, it is a very good looking one! Well, compared to other bins I have seen around Perth. Despite the bins being used many times over, Mark looks after them very well and hence why they always look as good brand new! This exemplify his work ethics and attention to detail.

Mark’s company provides a variety of skip bins. With lots of sizes to choose from, I am sure he will have one which will be perfect for your needs. From small sized bin to large walk-in bins, he’s got it. Not only that, he accepts pretty much all types of waste you can think of. For example: general waste, heavy mixed commercial waste and even asbestos waste.

Seriously, why go to the tip to get rid of your junk. Simply give Mark a call and he’d be glad to help you out. Even if you’re not sure which bin to pick, he will give you expert advice with a friendly smile!

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