11 Jan

My Holiday in Sydney

This summer, I went on a trip to Australia’s most vibrant and well-known city, Sydney! And we specifically timed our holiday there to take advantage of the summer sun and stroll the streets carefree, but unfortunately, that was not to be! The forecast was rainy, cloudy and windy, and remained so for the entire week we were there!

Just our luck! We had planned to go to the Circular Quay and Opera House, to Darling Harbour, Hyde Park and other tourist spots, but all of these are located outside and best enjoyed in sunny weather. In fact, a majority of Sydney is best enjoyed in sunny weather! But rather than be disappointed, I found a bunch of places where one could have holiday fun outside of the rain. The Sealife Aquarium and Sydney Wildlife Park are two indoor attractions that cater mostly to families and young children, but are quite fun for tourists who have never seen Australian wildlife before. I would recommend the wildlife park as a teaser before one visits Australia’s other, bigger zoos. The Aquarium provided a unique, educational look at marine life. Both attractions are located near Darling Harbour and are situated right next to each other; so you can check out both one after the other quite easily.

sydney helicopter view

If you’re into shopping and city exploring, then the Queen Victoria Building, one of many commercial buildings sitting atop the Town Hall train station, will be more than enough fun for you with its winding escalators leading up and down to various shops and restaurants. It is always busy and vibrant, and QVB’s most gorgeous sights is its stained glass windows!

On our last day in Sydney we went to the National Art Gallery of NSW, where we spent the whole day waiting out the rain and strolling along looking at paintings both classical and modern. it is the perfect place to kill time and watch it stand still all at once, and you’ll get so immersed you’ll even forget it’s raining outside!

The single sunny day in the forecast was our window to hit Bondi Beach and get some summer sun before the clouds rolled in once again. And that, I can tell you, was a day well spent sipping smoothies on the sand!

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