13 Dec

Now it’s the Perth Car Detailer Saving the Day :)

If you remembered in my last post… about how a Perth locksmith guy saved the day. Well, now it’s a Perth car detailer’s turn. Hahahaha. Seriously, I can’t believe it. Whilst still in Perth, we rented this particular car out for at least 4 days. And we definitely made the most of it. We went to most places imaginable in the Perth metropolitan area. So we clocked up the k’s on the odometer on this car. But it’s all good. Because we told the car rental company that we will be doing some country driving. Oh yeah, before we go on with this story, we must thank the car detailing company who allowed us to share this story. The company’s name is Perth Car Detailing WA.

We went as far south as Esperance and as far north as Geraldton. This is not including pretty much all the suburbs within Perth. We drove up to the very last couple of hours we had left of the rental period.

As we all came out of the car on the last day of rental.. only then we realise that the car was in such a dirty state! Seriously, we all thought that there is no way in the world that we can return the car in such a dirty state. what if they penalise us for returning it dirty? Also, we pretty much spent most of the money we had during the week. So we couldn’t take the chance. Because we were so tired after the long trip back and the fact that we only ad a couple of hours left before having to return the car. We decided to let a professional clean the car.

Yes, we didn’t have much money left. But luckily.. one of our friend was able to borrow a sum of about $250 from a friend close by. After searching high and low for a car detailer in Perth on the internet. We found one that would do it for about $250. He quoted the price for a major clean, inside and out. It was exactly what we needed for the car.

He came around within an hour of us calling him. So talk about awesome and prompt service! the car was cleaned up in a relatively short time of about an hour. So the car detailing guy was a definite hero in our eyes!

This is how clean the car look like after he was done with it:

shiny car after detailing example

Well, the photo above was not a real photo. Hahahaha, but you get what we mean :)

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