08 Dec

First destination?

Sorry to disappoint you.. this post is not a story of my first destination (since I’ve created this blog). Instead just me thinking out loud.. thinking, where should I go first. I think the answer is quite obvious. Think about it, you will (well should) tend to visit places that is closest to you and make your way out.

To be honest, I considered myself to be a nomad. Well at least I think so. I travel enough, but not just internationally, instead just within Australia.

Back to me thinking out loud. My permanent home is in Perth. Read up about Perth from the Lonely Planet here (saves me a lot of time to reinvent the wheel). In my first few posts, I will share some of my vacations in my home city.. that is Perth. So stay tune and watch this space is all I can say…

Just a reminder, I am not going to bore you to death with information like the population of Perth, best coffee spot etc etc. Well, I may.. but what I am trying to say is I will tell you my experiences as it is. Watch this space and you will find out what I mean!

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