04 Mar

Praise to a Skip Bins Company in Perth

I’m dedicating this post to a friend of mine in Perth named Mark who owns a skip bin hiring company in Perth. Why you ask? Quite simply because he is a good man who deserve a shout out so in the case that if my readers are in Perth and in need of a skip bin, then please contact him! To cut a long story short, Mark is one of my best friends who will go the extra mile to help a mate out. So by mentioning his name and his business, it is the very least that I can do to repay for everything he has helped me with over the years. I can go on and on about the things he has helped me with, but then this post would be a very long one! Instead, I wanted to write as much as I can about his business.

Anyways, if you are searching for the term skip bins perth then most likely than not you will find his business showing up in the search results. In my opinion for a very good reason, and that reason is he is very well known within the Perth community. In particular in suburbs south of the river. In fact, Mark started the skip bins business a while back under a different name. So if you live in Perth and have used a skip bin hire provider, most likely than not you have used one of his bins! As they say, Perth is a very “small place” where everybody knows everybody.

Here is one of his bins:


As you can see, it is a very good looking one! Well, compared to other bins I have seen around Perth. Despite the bins being used many times over, Mark looks after them very well and hence why they always look as good brand new! This exemplify his work ethics and attention to detail.

Mark’s company provides a variety of skip bins. With lots of sizes to choose from, I am sure he will have one which will be perfect for your needs. From small sized bin to large walk-in bins, he’s got it. Not only that, he accepts pretty much all types of waste you can think of. For example: general waste, heavy mixed commercial waste and even asbestos waste.

Seriously, why go to the tip to get rid of your junk. Simply give Mark a call and he’d be glad to help you out. Even if you’re not sure which bin to pick, he will give you expert advice with a friendly smile!

11 Jan

My Holiday in Sydney

This summer, I went on a trip to Australia’s most vibrant and well-known city, Sydney! And we specifically timed our holiday there to take advantage of the summer sun and stroll the streets carefree, but unfortunately, that was not to be! The forecast was rainy, cloudy and windy, and remained so for the entire week we were there!

Just our luck! We had planned to go to the Circular Quay and Opera House, to Darling Harbour, Hyde Park and other tourist spots, but all of these are located outside and best enjoyed in sunny weather. In fact, a majority of Sydney is best enjoyed in sunny weather! But rather than be disappointed, I found a bunch of places where one could have holiday fun outside of the rain. The Sealife Aquarium and Sydney Wildlife Park are two indoor attractions that cater mostly to families and young children, but are quite fun for tourists who have never seen Australian wildlife before. I would recommend the wildlife park as a teaser before one visits Australia’s other, bigger zoos. The Aquarium provided a unique, educational look at marine life. Both attractions are located near Darling Harbour and are situated right next to each other; so you can check out both one after the other quite easily.

sydney helicopter view

If you’re into shopping and city exploring, then the Queen Victoria Building, one of many commercial buildings sitting atop the Town Hall train station, will be more than enough fun for you with its winding escalators leading up and down to various shops and restaurants. It is always busy and vibrant, and QVB’s most gorgeous sights is its stained glass windows!

On our last day in Sydney we went to the National Art Gallery of NSW, where we spent the whole day waiting out the rain and strolling along looking at paintings both classical and modern. it is the perfect place to kill time and watch it stand still all at once, and you’ll get so immersed you’ll even forget it’s raining outside!

The single sunny day in the forecast was our window to hit Bondi Beach and get some summer sun before the clouds rolled in once again. And that, I can tell you, was a day well spent sipping smoothies on the sand!

13 Dec

Now it’s the Perth Car Detailer Saving the Day :)

If you remembered in my last post… about how a Perth locksmith guy saved the day. Well, now it’s a Perth car detailer’s turn. Hahahaha. Seriously, I can’t believe it. Whilst still in Perth, we rented this particular car out for at least 4 days. And we definitely made the most of it. We went to most places imaginable in the Perth metropolitan area. So we clocked up the k’s on the odometer on this car. But it’s all good. Because we told the car rental company that we will be doing some country driving. Oh yeah, before we go on with this story, we must thank the car detailing company who allowed us to share this story. The company’s name is Perth Car Detailing WA.

We went as far south as Esperance and as far north as Geraldton. This is not including pretty much all the suburbs within Perth. We drove up to the very last couple of hours we had left of the rental period.

As we all came out of the car on the last day of rental.. only then we realise that the car was in such a dirty state! Seriously, we all thought that there is no way in the world that we can return the car in such a dirty state. what if they penalise us for returning it dirty? Also, we pretty much spent most of the money we had during the week. So we couldn’t take the chance. Because we were so tired after the long trip back and the fact that we only ad a couple of hours left before having to return the car. We decided to let a professional clean the car.

Yes, we didn’t have much money left. But luckily.. one of our friend was able to borrow a sum of about $250 from a friend close by. After searching high and low for a car detailer in Perth on the internet. We found one that would do it for about $250. He quoted the price for a major clean, inside and out. It was exactly what we needed for the car.

He came around within an hour of us calling him. So talk about awesome and prompt service! the car was cleaned up in a relatively short time of about an hour. So the car detailing guy was a definite hero in our eyes!

This is how clean the car look like after he was done with it:

shiny car after detailing example

Well, the photo above was not a real photo. Hahahaha, but you get what we mean :)

10 Dec

How A Perth Locksmith Saved The Day

The girls were so excited for our first trip to Perth, well a holiday house in Perth hahhaah! My friend, Maria, who also lived in Perth.. finds it more comfortable and relaxing than Sydney (her previous rental place). “It’s not as fast-paced as Sydney and the people are more friendly and warm”, she said. And so there we were, bags and luggages in tow. We reached our accommodation called “Sun and Sands” which was situated by the beach. It has a welcoming porch that was adorned with pretty geraniums. A lovely wooden swing which overlooks the beach hang from the ceiling of the porch.

Oh yeah.. before I continue with the story. I must say a big thank you to the hero of this story, ie. the local locksmith right here in Perth called Power Locksmith (Power Lock for short).

As usual, our teenage girls were always excited to check out our accommodation, something they love to do whenever we go on a vacation. So the first thing they did was to find their room, which they shared and happily commented on the layout of the place and its furniture. The girls are pretty easy as pie so they appreciate vacation places that are simple yet warm and pleasant. They are however, quite particular with cleanliness and sanitation. They were more than satisfied with our place. It had two floors, with a small living room, a dining room, and a kitchen on the first floor; and two bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor. My husband and I put our luggages in the masters’ bedroom. It has a balcony that overlooks a small park with a playground and a bike path. Next to our room was a shared toilet and bath and next to it was the girls’ bedroom.

We decided to check out the beach and so everyone changed into their swim wear and togs. We were all geared up and ready to hit the beach and as soon as my husband closed the door behind him, he called out to us, “You’ve got the keys, don’t you?” The girls seemed to freeze and looked at me in a way that said, “Mum’s got it, right?” It was one of those times when I thought my husband would take care of it and he thought I would as well.

So there we were, looking for locksmiths on Google. We told the girls to go ahead and swim as we had already spent a good 30 minutes googling and contacting locksmiths close to the area. However, both girls seemed to be guilty about “not being responsible enough” to hold the keys. My husband told them that we will find a way to get in and told them to be in charge of the keys once all this is sorted out.

Thing is, at that time, I feared that it might take quite a while for us to sort this thing out as it’s a Sunday and the ones we tried contacting were not picking up our calls. Just as I was thinking of ways on how to break in and how to pay for the damage we will cause, the girls came running toward us with another girl in tow. They said that they met Lana at the beach and somehow told her of our plight when she inquired where we were staying at. Lana said that her dad is a locksmith and that he can help!

She said that he was on his way to pick her up in an hour and a half. She rang her dad and let my husband speak to him and all went well from there. So that’s how a locksmith saved the day while we were holidaying in Perth.

08 Dec

First destination?

Sorry to disappoint you.. this post is not a story of my first destination (since I’ve created this blog). Instead just me thinking out loud.. thinking, where should I go first. I think the answer is quite obvious. Think about it, you will (well should) tend to visit places that is closest to you and make your way out.

To be honest, I considered myself to be a nomad. Well at least I think so. I travel enough, but not just internationally, instead just within Australia.

Back to me thinking out loud. My permanent home is in Perth. Read up about Perth from the Lonely Planet here (saves me a lot of time to reinvent the wheel). In my first few posts, I will share some of my vacations in my home city.. that is Perth. So stay tune and watch this space is all I can say…

Just a reminder, I am not going to bore you to death with information like the population of Perth, best coffee spot etc etc. Well, I may.. but what I am trying to say is I will tell you my experiences as it is. Watch this space and you will find out what I mean!